Five Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

If you own your own website you know that one of the main things you need is good website traffic. If no one knows your website is there and no one visits it, then how will you make the sales you need to or get enough clicks through to your affiliate program?

The first way to boost your targeted website traffic is article marketing. For article marketing you either need to write your own articles or get someone to write articles for you that you can add your resource box to. Your resource box includes your name and a short advert for your website. If your articles are well-related to your website then the people who read your articles will also be interested in what you have to offer on your website and so will probably click through using the link in your resource box. You should post these articles to as many article directories as possible so that people see it. By adding your articles to article directories you also allow other people to print these articles on their websites so long as they still have your resource box and so your website is advertised all over the internet. Once you have posted your articles to the article directories there is nothing else you really need to do (besides maybe write more articles) and the marketing will continue by itself.

The second method to boost your website traffic is forum marketing. Search for forums on Google to do with the subject of your website and then see whether you can answer the questions people are asking on that forum or offer any other helpful advice that is on topic to their discussions. If you build trust with the people in the forums and use your website link in your forum signature then people will get interested in what you have to say and so will follow your link to your website.

Another very popular way to boost your website traffic is by using viral marketing techniques. Viral marketing techniques are where you give away something to people who visit your website (or through join venture giveaways) with your advert in it and then encourage them to give it away to others. By getting others to give away your products you are greatly increasing your advertising efforts and will attract many more people to your website than you could do alone.

A fourth method you could use to boost your website traffic is by advertising in Yahoo or Google email groups. These groups send emails on specific subjects to people who are interested in the subject. Some of these allow you to also post to the group and this is where you can advertise your product. Before posting though take a look at what kind of information the group is receiving, you don´t want to make your post too “salesy” if others are posting useful information, discussions or problems. If this is the case rather give them the help they need or more information as you would do in an article and then add your website link in your signature. The secret again is to build trust and get people interested in what you have to offer and to post as often as you can, preferably every day.

Another fairly popular way too boost your website traffic is to use traffic exchanges. This method unfortunately has the disadvantage that it is not a targeted advertising method so the quality of your traffic is not as good or as likely to buy your product but it does get people to see your website. There are two types of traffic exchanges – autosurf and manual surf.

The best one to use to get website traffic that actually sees your page is the manual surf option, however it is much easier to get credits to advertise your site on the autosurf traffic exchange as you can “set it and forget it”. To combine the effectiveness of these two methods I would recommend finding an exchange that offers both and a conversion method. You may then work up points using the autosurf option and then convert these into manual credits so that other people will see your website when they manual surf. Boosting your website traffic is vital to any online business and these are five methods that you can use to do this. The more targeted the traffic that comes to your website, for instance through the first three methods the better. Start today using article marketing, forum marketing, viral marketing, email groups and traffic exchanges to boost your website traffic.

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