WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?


WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?

One of the most talked about topics WordPressress vs blogger

Which is better for blogging?  WordPressress vs blogger 

WordPress vs Blogger Here I will tell you what features of Blogger and WordPress self-hosted (which you host on your hosting service), then you decide on your own which will be the best suitable for you to Start a blog or website so let’s talk and discuss now I am starting with blogger platform pros and cons and features and all
Best Free Blogging Sites in To Create Your (Personal Blogs)
As you know that Blogger is a free platform to create a blog or website blogger is own google product Blogger is a great tool for people who want to start a blog without investment

Let’s see the blogger’s Special Features

Easy to use – Even if you do not have too much technical, you can easily create your own blog or website
It’s free – Creating a blog on Blogger is absolutely free and there are no charges at all. No fees, registration fees, No sub-domain fees, No hosting fees.
Free themes and Customization – A lot of free themes are available on Blogger. You can choose any theme on your blog according to your requirement.
Free hosting from Google:- the biggest benefits of Blogger is its free hosting service. If your website gets too much traffic or an increase in traffic, you do not need to worry think your website is a downgrade and slow because blogger platform use own google hosting
Security – Google keeps updating the security your website never hacked
Domain Name:- if you create a website on blogger platform then blogger add a subdomain to your website but you can easily add a domain you can purchase a domain from anywhere and easily attached with blogger platform without any fees
Fast Indexing:-  Do you know that the Blogger sites, Google search index, indexes in 24 hrs. Faster indexing means that traffic to your blog will start coming soon.
Now we will explain About WordPress, which will help you to understand the best suitable platform to start a blog or website
WordPress is a free open source and powerful content management system (CMS) written in PHP and backed by MySQL database. It has a very understandable graphical interface which is quite friendly to the user and easy to use.
It has a very understandable graphical interface easy to use. WordPress is awarded at the best blogging tool, and welcomed by more than 15% new websites worldwide.
WordPress Pros
  • It allows users to customize the permalinks, titles, descriptions of pages and posts to be more SEO friendly
  • It is also a CMS which can be used to build powerful websites for business.
  • The software comes with plenty of themes, plugins, widgets which can be used to customize the blog appearance and extend the website functionalities.
  • It has a future! (it’s live and kicking)
  • Polished experience
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy basic customization
  • SEO and Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress Sites Rank High
  • User-friendly—Even for Beginners
Blogger is much better because it is very easy to use because if you want to make a career in blogging and do not want to invest more in the beginning then Blogger is the best for you. but after gain more knowledge on blogging then you can easily move on WordPress
We hope this WordPress vs Blogger comparison helped you understand the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision for your business
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