Why is it Important to Hire Pest Control Taren Point for End-of-Lease Flea Control?

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According to the Residential Tenancy Act, Australia, tenants should leave their rental property in its original condition. The property should look the same as it was at the time of rent. Like end-of-lease cleaning services, end-of-lease pest control is also very important.

Landlords owe end-of-lease flea treatment especially if the tenants own pets. Pest treatment is a must if it is mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Australia is home to different types of pests and fleas are very common pests in this country. The most common fleas are found in pets like dogs and cats. Fleas are very small and they can travel easily through the fur of pets. Due to flea bites, pets get marks on their skin and their skin scratches. If scratching is persistent, pets should be taken to veterinary doctors. Even if no visible signs of fleas are found, it is mandatory that professional Pest Control Taren Point should be called to have comprehensive pest control including flea control.

What a Professional Pest Control Service Does

A trained technician comes to inspect the rental property to determine the size and the extent of pest infestation. Then appropriate methods are implemented to clean mattresses and bedding, furniture, pet bedding, carpet and floors, and others. If the inspected property is free from fleas, then a certificate indicating that it is ‘flea-free’ property is handed over to the tenant so that there is no problem in getting back the bond. If the pest inspector locates fleas then flea treatment is done after handing over a free no-obligation quotation to the customer. The materials used for flea treatment are safe and environment-friendly.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Tenants may prefer to do their end-of-lease cleaning and pest control on their own. What they fail to realize is that amateurs can never be professionals. In order to save money by not hiring professional Pest Control Henley, tenants may end up paying more. The benefits of hiring expert pest control services are:

Customized Plans

Every house is different and so are the pests. If you are trying to eradicate pests on your own by viewing different videos on social media then you should rethink before doing it. Professional pest control services offer a customized solution. Depending upon the size of the property, the particular species of the pest, and the severity of the damage, the most appropriate pest control method is suggested by an expert pest control professional.


Buying anti-pest products on your own and using them for killing pests is a risky affair as the products you are using may be harmful to the environment. This never happens when professionals are called. They always use eco-friendly anti-pest materials and the latest techniques that are safe for the environment.

Specialized Tools

Professional pest control services use specialized tools and up-to-date techniques to exterminate pests completely. The follow-up visit is also scheduled to ensure that future infestation of pests can be prevented.

Peace of Mind

As you are hiring licensed and certified pest control professionals, you will worry less. You know that these professionals try their best to eradicate pests from a property and also implement long-lasting methods to prevent further infestation.

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