Top Law Colleges in Canada

Top Law colleges in Canada


Law is a major career field, which is gaining more attention nowadays. It is a profession which is related to practicing the rules by which the community is supposed to work. It is system of rules which are made and imposed by government in order to maintain the steady flow of society. It is one of the most reputed profession and is famous among students all across the globe. Law as a profession has high scope all over the world.

There many types of fields in law which offers you specialisation such as criminal law, corporate law, environment law, media law, family law, property law and international law. With so many options present, one must decide which college or university is best for studying the law.

Top Law colleges in Canada

Canada is one of the main study destination of students from all over the world. Students decide Canada for their higher education for many reasons such as rich multicultural society, beautiful landscapes, safe community and various oppurtunities for employment. Canada is considered one of the most affordable countries for foreign students, plus it provides a high standard lifestyle for students and easy immigration handling for visas like study and work permits.

Many Canadian universities provide law studies at graduation and post-graduation level. The best universities in Canada for study of law are following;

University of Toronto:

According to times higher education 2021, University of Toronto ranked 18 in the best universities in the world. It has 3 campuses and is one of the largest university in north America. It ranked one of the best law schools in North America and It provides many graduation and post graduation degrees in JD (juris doctor)  such as LLB (bachelors of law), LLM (masters of law), MSL (master of science in law) and SJD (doctor of judicial science).

University of Ottawa:

University of Ottawa is one of the largest bilingual university of the world, have two main languages; english and french. It is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Living in the capital has its own benifits. The campus is situated at 10 minutes walking distance from the parliament hill. University of Ottawa offers many courses in law at both graduation and post-graduation level such as JD, Microprogram in law and technology, Honours bachelors of commerce and juris doctor, Masters of Law (LLM), Masters of law concentration in Nororial law, Masters of law concentration in global sustainability and environmental law and many more.

Carleton University:

Carleton university was founded in 1942 and situated in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. it is situated just south to the city center Ottawa. It is widely spreads over 62 hectares with underground tunnels connecting the various buildings of university. It provides the law degrees such as Bachelors of Arts; Law, Bachelors of global law and justice, Bachelors of arts in criminology and criminal justice and many more.

York University:

University of York present in Torronto, Ontario has a beautiful campus with more than 50000 students from all over the world currently studying over 300+ programs. Among these it has 10000+ international students and has a success employment rate. It was ranked 35 by Times higher education in impact ranking. The university offers undergrad program of law, Juris Doctor (JD) and postgrad programs such as Masters of Law (LLM) and graduate diplomas in law for law enforcement professionals.

McGill University:

It is located in Montreal, Quebec of Canada. It has around 40000 students with 30% international students among them. It was ranked 44 in world university rankings by times higher education. it provides degrees in law studies such as BCL/JD and LLM. You can search desired courses on their official website.

Dalhousie University:

This university was founded in 1818. It is ranked in top 15 universities of Canada by Times higher Education. It has overall 20000 students among which 24% are from across the globe. It has more than 1100 professors currently which teach over 200+ degree programs. The university provide degrees in law such as Juris Doctor (JD), bachelors of law (LLB) and Masters of Law (LLM). it also provides the doctor of philosophy in law (phD).

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