How To Write SEO Friendly Articles Pro Tips (Beginner To Advanced)

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles Pro Tips (Beginner To Advanced)

Do you want to write SEO friendly content?

In this post in this post I will tell you how to write SEO friendly articles (Beginner To Advanced) read this full article for learning to how can we write SEO Friendly Articles 

In this article, I will share some tips for writing SEO-optimized articles Tips that will rank better in search engines.

Write SEO Friendly Articles

1. Start with research:

First of all, you need to keyword research and find your keyword in which keyword you want to rank on Search Engines and you also know how much you get Traffic on your post and article

You need to keyword research and find how much you get traffic on your content

2. Length of The Article:

length of articles are also common ranking factors if your post contains a lot of words then your chances you also get on the top of the google if your competitor write 3004 Words then you can try to write 3005 words on your post

if your post words count is high then your article contains a lot of keywords and your post rank on different keywords

Lets Move On The Main Topic How to Write Our Content

Make Your Article Title Is To Catchy If your post article title is catchy then you get clicks on your post and please visit your site and also your Post CTR Is Hign and your ranking is higher and higher

Always Write Catchy Titles, for example, this Words made your title catchy like 100% Working, 2019, Updated these types of words make your title is too catchy

Pro Tip: Keep your post titles less than 66 characters.

3. Meta Description:

write your meta description add your main keywords in Meta Description And also add your LSI Keywords in your meta description because meta description helps to rank higher on google because google algorithms read the meta description

  • It is important to have your keywords in the meta title.

Meta descriptions are very important. so always add you all main keywords in your meta description 

4. Image Optimization

Google can’t read images. but many of thing google algorithm noticed and read 

Many people make the mistake of uploading images with names like image001.jpg. masqudeafult.jpg 

After downloading your image and make your image from anywhere like photoshop and from google then you need to edit image URL and write SEO friendly image URL, for example, write SEO-friendly-articles.jpg, seo_friendly_articles.jpg

  • This is a huge mistake!

Image Alt Attribute is the most important things google read alt tags In Image Section Alt Attribute help you to rank your images on google images

5. Interlink and Anchor Text :

Inter Linking Helps To Index Url on Google and also interlinking helps to rank your post on google always interlink with Anchor Text Links

Pro tips:- if you link to another post on your article then Give you Targeted Anchor With Links Anchor Help you to rank your old post on anchor keywords

6. Remove STOP words from Permalink

 Defining your SEO-Friendly URL

For you to have an SEO-friendly content nowadays, you’ve gotta understand your URL is extremely important.

Allow me to explain, using these examples to clarify my view:

 Avoid horrible and ugly URLs:$22=123

 Avoid Long URLs:’t-even-think-about-writing-your-site-url-longer-than-this-one

Our post titles usually contain lots of stop words. One thing important you need to know do not use stop words on your Permalinks because stop words decrease your ranking on google 

they words are stop words there are many words are stop words but if you use Yoast Seo plugin they help you to know the stop words on your permalinks stop words decrease your ranking on google

on , an , a for, above , any, to , then, these types of words are stop words

WordPress Ping List 2019 for Faster Indexing Of New Post

We hope In this Post How to write SEO friendly articles helped you To Learn How can we write SEO friendly post I hope I help you help this post you can also refer your friend’s to this article

If you have any question then you can comment we help you and solve your problem

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