Expired Domains

Expired Domains

Find a domain name that already has traffic coming to it!

Expired domains are just that: expired. Say, for example, you register a domain name and put up a site. You pay for it for a year and you find that it's taking up too much of your time. So after several months you abandon the site. You've got the site listed pretty well and you're making money, but there are just more important things in your life that you have to take care of. So after a year's time the domain registration expires because you don't renew it.

This happens every day. Domains are abandoned and become 'available' again. Many sites are still listed well in the search engines and still have a lot of traffic coming to them because a lot of other sites still have links up to these domains.

If you could only find these domains... the ones that are available for registration because they've expired and already have traffic coming to them. All you have to do is 'turn them on' and they're working again, with a lot of traffic already coming to them.

On a regular basis (I have no set schedule) I have been posting lists of expired domains that have good link popularity. They're in the form of .csv files that you can open in a text editor or any spreadsheet program such as MS Excel.

Each file is named with a keyword and the file contains a list of expired domain names with that keyword in the title. The numbers next to the domain name list that domain's link popularity.

If you'd like me to add a certain keyword to this list, let me know.

I add to this whenever I get a chance. Perhaps if you register a domain name from this list you might consider adding a link from that site to one of my sites someday. If a file doesn't open exist (or you're redirected back to my homepage) then it was probably pretty old so I removed it. Send me an email telling me what keywords you're looking for and I'll do my best to find some expired domains for you.

Here's the current list:

(Email me for the current list.)

At this time, since expired domains have become so popular, I suggest that you put a backorder on the domain you're trying to get. Pool.com is the by far the best and most successful in getting domains for you. Here's a link to their backorder service:

Popular Domains is a valuable tool that helps you find expired and on-hold domains, and checks their link popularity with three (currently AltaVista, HotBot and InfoSeek) of the largest search engines. Every week thousands of domains expire or are put on-hold. I use popular domains on a daily basis to find domains like the ones above. I highly recommend Popular Domains:

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