Case Studies and Testimonials: Airpod receives regular

Case Studies and Testimonials: Airpod receives regular

Global brands Airpod receives regular large scale bookings from some of the World's biggest brands.

These companies use our network to communicate information about their latest products and promotions in shopping centres because each campaign is highly targeted and reaches consumers in an ideal shopping environment.

Multinational telecoms company Orange regularly books bespoke advertising campaigns within the Airpod network. The brand is always looking to provide support for Orange stores within retail destinations and books nationwide campaigns around seasonal, or new product promotions.

Airpod's network supports the mobile operators aim to reach as many consumers as possible as part of its wider advertising strategy, and in support of the brand's through the line retail presence.

The team at Airpod work closely with media buyers of behalf of Orange to identify the right mix of advertising sites, and the correct number to match the objectives for any one campaign


Global technology brand Samsung is always looking for shopping mall advertising opportunities that will increase its national reach within the UK. Through its buying agency, the brand tasks Airpod with increasing the level of nationwide cover and footfall for its campaigns.

Land Rover

Car marque Land Rover approached Airpod Media to help promote a promotion surrounding the Freelander 2 in specific locations. The brand tasked its media agency with finding shopping centre advertising sites that were near to Land Rover dealerships.

With more than 37 shopping centres throughout the UK, and with an excellent knowledge of what each retail destination and every advertising site within them Airpod was able to quickly identify a selection of sites that would be suitable for the campaign.


In 2011 the world's largest computer technology company, Microsoft, was keen to build nationwide awareness of its new mobile phone operating software.

The company's above the live advertising campaign for the Windows 7 phone included TV and print advertising, and the brand also wanted to make strategic use of shopping mall advertising to support sales in Orange stores.

Airpod pulled together a bespoke advertising package that took in 58 poster advertising sites nationally.
Local brands, companies and organisations

As well as working with large brands, the Airpod team welcomes direct bookings from local companies and organisations, who are looking to benefit from cost effective, locally targeted advertising opportunities.

Frankie & Benny's

Frankie & Benny's is a national brand that has benefited from Airpod's flexible and effective shopping centre advertising. The restaurant chain consistently book advertising space in The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle, in support of promotions and offers at local outlets.

Theatre Royal Wakefield

Local theatre's rely on the income generated each year by popular family Christmas performances and pantomimes. The Theatre Royal in Wakefield is always looking at new ways of promoting its seasonal performances and uses Airpod's poster advertising sites at the Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield.

Following the success of advertising around the festive period the theatre now plans to book space for some of its other ventures, including its youth theatre

Keeley Woodward, Theatre Royal, said: "They really do look after me and give very good rates.  They appreciate that we are a charitable organisation and that our budgets can be tight. The fact that we continue to do it when we have such little money to spend on advertising illustrates the value we consider it to have. "We use it for more high profile shows, such as the pantomime and youth musical. Everybody likes the fact that they are up there and we get a lot of comments."

Carlisle College

Every college wants to attract the brightest and best intake for every academic year - and Carlisle College is no different.The higher education college benefits from twice early local advertising campaigns in The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle.

The college's marketing team recognises that shopping centre advertising is an excellent way of communicating information about the courses it offers to young adults and targets prospective students at two important times of year - January and August.

Paul Walker, Carlisle College, said: "The sites we book at The Lanes have the best footfall of any other panels in the city, for demographic we are trying to target. "We use real student photos in our adverts, which means word often spreads as people see their friends 'in the lanes'."

Whether you are global company, or a local organisation, to find out more about the benefits of shopping centre advertising click here.

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