Blogspot Tutorial & Free Template

Blogspot Tutorial & Free Template

  Possibly was around you that did not yet know about blog and wondered about blog,

I will review a little about blog according to my version personally.

1. What is the Blog?

Blog (the abbreviation from Weblog) was the site that his characteristics were more personal,that is heavier to the drafting from the manufacturer blog that personally.

Blog was made by the designers of the blog provider in order to work automatically and easily

to be operated on, so for we that still was confused with the programming language to make one website still not the problem.If you could have made an email account in the internet, then in made blog then I was convinced you could.

2. How to make a blog?

As in the case of the e-mail, in made blog then we must have an account before,

because of that please registered your self before in free blog provider. Free blog provider really often was gotten in the internet and several that were popular were, http://www.wordpress.comas well as In the opportunity this time I will review about the production method blog in Please Click here or click the picture was supervised to register.

Saw the picture below:

After you were to the site, you will see the picture like the picture above.Please carry out steps along with this:

  • Please click of the sign of the arrow that was inscribed with CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW
  • Write the email address care of your email (definitely that was valid)
  • Wrote password that was wanted by you in box Enter password
  • Write came back your password earlier in box Retype password
  • Write Display name by the name of that wanted to be put forward by you
  • Write the article that was printed in the box of Word Verification.Give the sign tik to
  • the box at the edge of the article of I accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click of the picture of the arrow that was inscribed with CONTINUE
  • Wrote the blog title that was wanted by you (later could in the fox again) in the box of Blog title
  • Write the name of your site in the box of blog addres (URL)
  • Write the verification article that was put forward in the box of Word Verification, if being finished please click of the picture of the bow that was inscribed with CONTINUE
  • Choose the picture (template) that was wanted by you (later could in the changes again), afterwards click of the picture of the arrow that was inscribed with CONTINUE
  • After going out the article your blog has been created,

Click of the picture of the bow was inscribed with START POSTING.

Please write What you want, if being finished click of the publish button.
It's Done

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